supporting digital creativity concerning mobility in Belgium

iRail supports digital creativity concerning mobility in Belgium. This is an attempt to make the railway time schedules in Belgium easily available for anyone.
Our main site, which you can find here, consists of a very easy mobile website to look up time schedules using our own API. Our API can be found here. Be sure to check it out!

Open Knowledge Belgium

W4P – Crowdsourcing open innovation

An open crowdsourcing platform for open and social innovation projects

W4P is a collaboration between Open Knowledge Belgium and iDROPS and supported by the EU and the CHESTproject. This Open Source platform will enable cities, foundations and community groups to setup a lightweight crowdsourcing platform for projects that seek financial aid, coaching, volunteers or materials. Check out the source-code for W4P here, or check out our pilot project here!

The DataTank

Transforming data formats into web readable formats

The Datatank

The DataTank is a tool which publishes data to the Web from a series of formats. The tool is maintained as an open source project within Open Knowledge Belgium. Check out the Datatank here, or the demo here.


Letting youngsters discover Open Data through interactive video

This project is being developed as we speak. Bottom line? How can we get youngsters to learn more about Open Data in a fun and accessible way. We chose to bring our message through interactive video, as young adults tend to be visual types. Datawijs will contain several videos about Open Data, its history, and more importantly its future and how the youngsters themselves can work with it. Starting out with definitions about Open Data, to ultimately end up creating a first application of visualisation based on existing open datasets.
Check out Datawijs here.

Apps For X

Skyrocket your hackathon!

Apps For X
Apps for X is template which hackathons (or other events) can. It uses OctoberCMS (Laravel based) and has a few basic functionalities out of the box such as a blog, showcases, a twitter wall, events and sessions, etc. Highly customizable. Check out the source code here.

Apps For X Light

A hackathon one-page website

Apps For X Light
Apps For X Lights is the perfect template if you don’t need extra functionalities for your hackathon/event website, or you just need something last minute. Check out a demo here or get the source code here.

Data portals in Belgium

We provide an overview for those who are looking for Belgian local, regional, federal or themed dataportals.
Did we miss one? Is one of the links not working? Contact us and we will adjust it right away.

Federal Portal

Regional Portals




Local Open Data Portals






Themed open data portals

OpenCultuurdata: Cultural Data in Belgium

Flemish Tourist Data

Open Data of the Flemish Parlement

Agiv: Geodata in Flanders

Mobility-data in the Brussels region

Urbis Geo Data in the Brussels region

Accessibility data in West Flanders

International open data portals

European Union Data Portal

Federated European Data Portal