Exceptional times call for new and open solutions: #osoc20 will be fully remote

A virus is throwing a spanner in the works for businesses and organisations around the globe. At the same time, we are witnessing a surge in innovation, creativity and flexibility from all parts of society. Open Knowledge Belgium wants to take on the challenge and be part of the solution. How? With Open Summer of […]

Open Knowledge Belgium is preparing for open Summer of code 2017

In the last few months, the open community in Belgium has had the chance to gather multiple times. Open Knowledge Belgium organised a couple of events and activities which aimed to bring its passionate community together and facilitate the launch of new projects. Furthermore, as summertime is coming, it’s currently organising the seventh edition of […]

Sign up for Swackday, a thrilling hackday

Exciting news! The 25th of April, we’ll be organising Swackday. This hackday will focus on two subjects, being oSoc15 and Apps for Ghent. Everyone that could be an asset for the team, can take part. To top this all off, after the hackday, we’ll have a nerdy LAN party. Apps for Ghent and oSoc15 You […]

Server outage and open Summer of code 2013

This Monday, Summer of code is starting. It is an event where 20 students will work on various open source projects with open data. They are hired thanks to a lot of interesting partners: NMBS Holding,, the City of Ghent & Digipolis, IBM, MMLab & iMinds, Mobile Vikings, Ontoforce and our own iRail open […]

Announcing #oSoc13: open Summer of code 2013

During the summer, a lot of companies hire students for a 1 month job. A student will work on a project that no one had time for before. Rumour has it that when you hire students, only 10 percent of the students are going to deliver something worthwhile. After the job, students go back to […]