Local Data Census: Do you approve our top 15 datasets?

After a first live discussion, a fruitful public consultation and close cooperation with our Open Belgium ambassadors we have what could be the 15 datasets used for the local data census. But before we implement this top 15, we want your final approval or objection if you do not agree. For those who are not […]

Results of Wiki Survey and final steps

After launching our Public Consultation Call three weeks ago we have received 1533 votes on our All Our Ideas page Wiki Survey. Thank you for your contributions to this inquiry. We’ll talk about the results of these votes and how we’re going to approach choosing the 10 to 15 winning datasets to be used in the actual Belgian Local […]

The iron man of all hackathons in the Benelux is near.

The Dutch Open Hackathon, the ‘iron man’ of all hackathons in the Benelux is near and it still has a 100 spaces left. This hackathon, organised by Open State will go down in two weeks in Amsterdam. only 100 spots left for the Dutch Open Hackathon – 20/21 september 2014 in Amsterdam – — […]

Apps for Europe is looking for the best open data apps

With 10 Business Lounges happening throughout Europe this year, Apps for Europe is trying to find the best open data applications and startups that Europe has to offer. Open Belgium invites all the Belgian developers, startups and companies that use open data as a recourse to join this competition. You have the chance to win […]

Choose local open data with us

Open Belgium has been carefully planning the release of a Local Open Data Census, which is a benchmark, similar to the National Open Data Census, as a way to measure local Open Data efforts. The goal is to acknowledge Open Data efforts of Belgian local governments who already have a lot of datasets online and […]

Your view on the Dutch 4.0 Creative Commons license translations.

In the end of 2013, Creative Commons released the latest version of their licenses: 4.0. These licenses are the result of an intensive public consultation that started in 2011. After the launch, Creative Commons Netherlands and Creative Commons Belgium started a translation to Dutch. Before these translations will be officially recognised, both parties are asking […]

Raising data quality by opening up in the city of Ghent

If you build it, he will come ~ Field of dreams It is April 14th, 2011. In the city of Ghent a group of digital creatives gathers in a bar, to attend the third event in a series of 10 of GentM. This recurring event focuses on the digital trends that affect our daily life […]

Third edition of the Open Data Day Flanders (Dutch)

Elk jaar organiseert de Vlaamse overheid de “Open Data Dag in Vlaanderen”. Meer dan 500 deelnemers uit binnen- en buitenland hebben de eerste en tweede editie van dit Open Data evenement bijgewoond. Dit jaar is de gebruiker van Open Data aan het woord; bedrijven, organisaties, ontwikkelaars en individuen die met Open Data aan de slag […]

Have a picture of the Atomium? Think twice before sharing!

So you have created a nice picture of a panorama in Belgium? Think twice before you share it. Copyright legislation in Belgium doesn’t allow you to share the picture: there is no freedom of panorama. This is why amongst others, if you look at the wikipedia page of the atomium, you will see a picture […]

Open Antwerp – Local Data Census

For those who are following our blog but haven’t heard of Open Antwerp yet, it is a free evening programme with three speakers about local city data and Antwerp on the 25 of june 2014, next wednesday. Please feel free to go to the Eventbrite webpage and register a seat. During Open Antwerp, Maaike Scherrens […]