#ddays14 Apps for Europe Business Lounge

We’ve truly been inspired by the contestants during the Apps for Europe business lounge during the Data Days Conference. We had 5 participants with a solid business case and eventually we had a tie between Carambla en Both will present their cases during the International Business Lounge in Manchester later this month. Thank you […]

The Open Belgium conference picture show

This is our last blogpost dedicated to the Open Belgium conference on the 17th of February. Here’s a small selection of the pictures that were taken by Thomas Smolders during the conference. Thanks again to everyone for your attendance and we do hope to see you again next year. [easy-media med=”427,429,422,431,433,435,437,439,441,443,445,447,449,451,453,455,457,459″ col=”4″ align=”center”] Source: Thomas Smolders […]

A look back to the Open Belgium Conference 2014

Last monday, on the 17th of February 2014, the first edition of the Open Belgium Conference was held in the STAM Museum in the City of Ghent as part of the three day conference called DataDays. DataDays is an initiative organised by OKFN Belgium, Citadel on the move and LOLA to discuss the role and […]

The true concept of Open Government

“8 principles of Open Government Data” is the title of the now famous manifesto published on December 8th 2007. Over time, the word “Government” was often dismissed, and much pre-eminence was awarded to the word “Data”! Although an important concept, Open Data is all but a modus operandi to implement Open Government, which is a […]

The future: My Open Data most wanted

Although there’s a lot of attention paid to Open Data, we must not forget that the pursuit of opening public datasets and the corresponding open data movement, is still a rather young movement, and that each day people undertake steps and tackle boundaries towards a more open future. The big potential of Open Data is […]

Data Days goes social

As is a community website, the conference day has some social aspects we hold dear as well. We hope that all data-wranglers, local policy makers and open data experts alike get to meet each other and exchange their Open Data experiences. But the conference venue isn’t the only place where can you meet up, […]

Creative Commons and data projects. One license to rule them all

As open data and open data projects are becoming increasingly important as value creators in the modern-day economy, it is nice to see that important efforts are being made to professionalise and perpetuate the open data community. For a while now, it has become clear that the initial approach – which was mainly conceived as […]

PSI-Directive implementation path, what can we expect?

In June 2013, a revision of the Directive has been adopted by the Union legislator. Member States now have 2 years to transpose the provisions of the revised Directive into national law. But what does this mean? The revised PSI Directive provides a good legal basis to open up more public data. New elements A […]

OpenStreetMap @ DataDays

OpenKnowledge is what happens when OpenData become useful. MT @zoerobinson1: What is #openknowledge? It’s “what #opendata becomes when it is made useful” @hubwestminster #OPD14 — Open Knowledge Fdn (@OKFN) January 23, 2014 Some OpenData providers can see this as a reason to import data into OpenStreetMap and its versatile ecosystem of tools and applications. […]

#ddays14, not just a conference hashtag

(If TL;DR: Share the Belgian data you want to see Open with us on Twitter through #ddays14) Most of you who’ve read this blog know about the OpenBelgium event we’re organising during the DataDays conference. And you might already know that we’re communicating about the event and the different sessions through the Twitter hashtag #ddays14. […]