A new challenge for me is a new opportunity for Open Knowledge Belgium

I remember it like yesterday, sitting in a bar to discuss joining Open Knowledge Belgium as a fulltime employee. I was a fresh off the boat social-media manager who believed in doing good through online community management. At the time I had no idea what Open Data was except for the Wikipedia short description, but […]

Introducing W4P, a crowdsourcing for open, social and local projects.

After 10 months of figuring what we need to build, building it and then testing it in real life situation we can now say: W4P is alive! Or at least in a solid bèta. You can find our presentation in English here: Interested in hearing this talk again and do you have a location and […]

Introducing our crowdsourcing template and why we’re building it.

The crowdfunding market in Belgium is getting bigger every year and societal focused efforts are equally increasing, which we support with lots of enthusiasm. That’s why early 2014, iDROPS and Open Knowledge Belgium started to brainstorm on how we could potentially provide real added value in relation to more traditional crowdfunding channels. MEET W4P Finally […]

Welcome at our new office.

It’s official, after working at the iMinds Start-Up Garage for two years we moved out to look for something we could call our own in the center of Ghent. Earlier last month we released a blogpost asking for office-leads in Ghent. The search was trickier then we thought but the huge response on Twitter did […]

Open Knowledge is looking for a new headquarters in Ghent

HEAR HEAR, we’re looking for a new place! Since the founding of our official non-profit “Open Knowledge Foundation vzw/asbl”, back in 2012, we have been blessed to have have found refuge at iMinds in the iMinds Start-Up Garage. It enabled us to setup a member base, have an official domicile address and invite volunteers, even […]

Crowdsourcing the next open Summer of code speakers

Last saturday we organised ‘SWACKday’, a hackday attended by our #oSoc14 students and a few #oSoc15 candidates (hell yeah, new blood). The focus of the hackday was on building the new version of the Apps for X website as initiated by team SWAG during the Apps for Ghent hackathon. Which ended up in mostly setting […]

So why does Belgium rank so low?

In our article on the 9th of December we’ve talked about Belgium scoring slightly higher on the Global Open Data Index. We went from 58th to 53rd. And even though we have positive aspirations for 2015 because we now have a federal minister of the Digital Agenda who is directly responsible for Open Data and […]

The final way to become an Apps for Europe finalist.

Are you making an open data based app? Apps for Europe runs an annual competition to find the best new apps across Europe that we can help scale into viable businesses. Who can enter? Anyone that uses some form of open data in their application or service! How do I enter? You need to enter your application online, all the local […]

‘Move Kortrijk’ – Hacking exercise and sports

Create the ideal application to inspire those around you to exercise and keep fit. Move Kortrijk is a hackathon that will revolutionise how people do sports or exercise to keep fit. But only if you can complete this challenge: How can we stimulate citizens to participate in sport activities or how can we motivate free […]