Open Knowledge Belgium

About us

Open Knowledge Belgium is an umbrella organisation (non-profit/vzw/asbl) for Open Knowledge initiatives. We’re a grass-roots (read: bottom-up) organisation that consists of people, mainly volunteers, passionate about openness, using advocacy, research, technology and projects to unlock information, enabling people to use and share knowledge.

We’re also one of the local chapters of the international Open Knowledge network.

There are numerous Open Knowledge initiatives in Belgium. In order to give these communities access to resources faster, an umbrella organisation was needed. That’s where Open Knowledge Belgium comes in. We make knowledge sharing possible and let different organisations and cultures cross-polinate.

Mission and vision


We want to open up knowledge in Belgium and see it used and useful. We endeavour to achieve this through both a bottom up and community driven way, as well as through working closely together with governments and organisations. We want to connect our four main actors: the community, researchers, governments and industries. Even more, we aspire to let them work together as a whole, instead of seperate units.


A world where knowledge creates power for the many, not the few. That’s what we’re going for. We believe that vibrant Open Knowledge commons will empower citizens and enable fair and sustainable societies. We aim to achieve this not only within the Belgian borders but inspire and get inspired by communities all over the world. We keep spreading the power of openness, hoping one day Open Knowledge will be the standard.


Download the Open Knowledge Belgium NPO bylaws, as established on March 5th 2012.

Our working groups and initiatives

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Our team

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