Crowdsourcing the next open Summer of code speakers

Last saturday we organised ‘SWACKday’, a hackday attended by our #oSoc14 students and a few #oSoc15 candidates (hell yeah, new blood). The focus of the hackday was on building the new version of the Apps for X website as initiated by team SWAG during the Apps for Ghent hackathon. Which ended up in mostly setting up Vagrant boxes.


Besides coding for team SWAG, we also had motivated students gathering input and thus co-creating open Summer of code 2015. They did everything from (re)writing our Code of Conduct, creating an ‘open badges‘ achievement system for the students, brainstorming about which tools we should use ( ftw!), what locations and partners would be awesome AND last but not least what speakers we should invite during the #oSoc15 lunchtalks.

Last year we had the honour of having Hans Verscheure, e-Government manager of the City of Kortrijk, Ruben Verborgh, semantic researcher at MultiMedia lab and Phil Archer of W3C coming over to talk and interact with our students. This year will be no exception if one or more of these wonderful proposed speakers wants to join us for a lunchtalk.

So we asked the students who their professional heroes and heroines were…

This is what they came up with:


Tim Berners-Lee

Lea Verou

Douglas Crockford

Paul Irish

Rachel Rayns

Gabe Newell

Massimo Banzi

Zhong Xu

Harry Roberts

Wouter Smet

Alexander De Croo

Jeremyle Van

Arne Bassez

Kristof Houben

Roy Van Dijk

Valentijn Destoop

Stephane Vanhalkman

Addy Osmani

Tim Van Lier

Thomas Joos

Michiel Akkermans

Robin Wauters

Linked Open Data




Raspberry Pi

Half Life 3


Posios Story


Growth Hacking

Innovation in Belgium

Sunrise story

Start up

Product Design





Digital Media


Start-Up BE

Tech in EU

Are you one of the speakers mentioned above and are you enthused to speak to our students during open Summer of code? We have no big budgets, but powerhouse students, fine Belgian beers and innovation flowing through our systems. We will be located somewhere in or near a Belgian city. We open up the talks to people located at our host and stream the whole thing via Google Hangout on Air for those who can’t make it. Because you know, we want to open up our knowledge.

Phil Archer live