Hack for Health 2014, your startup opportunity in healthcare

Healthcare is a very innovative industry, but its digital tools are still stuck in the last century.
HackforHealth would like to invite you to join them in Kortrijk on May 9, 10 and 11 for the second edition of HackForHealth, event dedicated to building top-notch digital tools for the healthcare industry.

What the event is about:

Creating new, real startups that bring innovative solutions to healthcare problems.

We start from Challenges – problems we’ve identified in the healthcare, with the help of healthcare specialists. For each Challenge they have chosen a customer already waiting for a solution, or a clear business model. Further, for each of the Challenges we see strong potential for growth across Europe.

What we’ll ask you to do:

Do what you do. Bring a fresh perspective. Build elegant solutions to complicated problems. Think out of the box. Some tips from the former attendees below:

What’s in it for you:

The opportunity of a lifetime. A chance to become a co-founder of a new startup – a company dedicated to making healthcare more efficient and cost-effective, giving healthcare professionals more time on treating people.

How big is the opportunity? Funding of course doesn’t prove anything, but…

In last year alone, nearly USD 2 billion had been invested in healthcare startups. And, a healthcare startup just went for an IPO at USD 3.4 billion valuation.

Why HackForHealth works?

HackforHealth thoroughly researched the Challenges and selected them based on their real business potential. They carefully chose Team Captains – experienced entrepreneurs and professionals who will lead the teams around the Challenges.

You can find all the proposed Challenges for this edition right here: http://www.westartup.eu/hackforhealth/.

Do check the complete list of the many talented Captains.

At the first event there were some real results  – here’s the startup that won the first edition of HackForHealth: http://www.lindacare.com/.

Practical info:

  • Location: MIC Vlaanderen Kortrijk, IICK, Etienne Sabbelaan 51, 8500
  • Time: May 9, 18:00 – May 11, 22:00
  • Fee: € 75 (covers 7 meals + drinks for you throughout the weekend)
  • Sleeping arrangements: crash for free at MIC Vlaanderen (bring a sleeping pad and a sleeping bag) or stay at a hotel nearby, € 50 per night.


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